What is Hot Pot?

Chinese hot pot has a history of more than 1,000 years. It originated in the Mongolia area and then spread throughout China and East Asia, and now, all over the world!

In time, regional variations developed with different ingredients such as beef, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. Today, you can enjoy fresh, tasty and authentic Chinese hot pot at the Hot Pot Hero!

Eating hot pot is a very different dining experience. We offer a wide range of broths and dishes for your choice. Pick your favorites, and let them sizzle in the broth until cooked to your liking. Have them with dipping sauces. (And yes, you can even make your own sauce from different combinations of seasonings here in Hot Pot Hero! Woo-hoo!)

How to Eat Hot Pot?

Please keep in mind… Eating hot pot could be very different dining experience. Get yourself ready and enjoy the process!

1st, choose your soup base.
(House Herbal Pot, Spicy Hero Pot, House Potato Pot, House Assorted Mushroom Pot, Seafood Thai Tom Yum Pot, Super Spicy Dark Hero Pot)

2nd, choose your favorite dishes.
(Choose from different kind of meats, seafood, vegetables, and mushrooms)

3rd, make your own dipping sauce.
(Go to the sauce bar and find your own sauce formula!)

4th set the pot to the right time and power.

Finally, enjoy your hot pot!